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Flute Master Specifications:

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 Made in the U.S. by American Craftsmen

Protected by U.S. Patent

  • Quick Setup Cut straight and curved profile flutes in one pass
  • Fits lathes from 12 to 25 inch diameter capacity
  • Control the depth of flutes and reeds by 2/1000 of an inch
  • Use any ¼ inch shank router bit profile
  • Index wheel, Index Wheel pin holder, stop blocks and tool holder are included with the Flute Master
  • Use with Mastercarver, Foredom or Wecheer drill, or Ridgid or Trend palm routers
  • Drill into turnings at any angle
  • Use your imagination for customized effects

The Flute Master is an innovation by Dick Webber, a wood turner for 40 years, who grew tired of hand cutting flutes in the 500 B.C. Greek style wine pourers he was making. 

Wood turners sometime omit flutes because of the skill and time needed to hand-cut flutes on curved profiles with a gouge.

Finally here is a tool that easily and quickly cuts flutes following the profile of your turning without the need of guides.


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One Good Turn(ing) Deserves Another

New tool holder improves accuracy and control. Rotate the depth control and each click changes depth of cut by 2/1000 inch. Included with Flute Master II.


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