Chatter When Cutting Flutes

Harold Wright asks the following: 

I sometime get a chatter and/or vibration when fluting. Would I get a better result with Mastercarver?


There are several possible causes of chatter when fluting, and ways to prevent:

  • Dull router bit
  • Cutting too deeply. Make several shallow cuts
  • Drill handle is not securely fastened in tool holder 
  • Drill is not run at full speed
  • Always cut from right to left - never from left to right
  • Move the Flute Master smoothly along cut - don't pause

A new tool holder is now available machined to fit 1 inch handles of Mastercarver, Foredom and Wecheer drills. It more securely holds the drill handle centered in the tool holder and provides better control. Caution, do not over-tighten the drill handle in the tool holder as it can damage the bearings in the drill handle.