Cut Threads On Your Lathe

Engineer John Miller has developed a new way to cut threads on a wood lathe.

See Youtube video at:

  • Cut 8 and 16 thread profiles without accessories or attachments 
  • Articulating beam allows matching threads without losing position
  • Eliminate wobble
  • Mechanical depth stop when cutting inside threads
  • Tool Post included for either 1 inch diameter x 5 inch long; 1 inch diameter x 6 inch long;  or 5/8 inch diameter x 4 inch long.
  • Incremental easily controlled depth of cut
  • Thread-cutting router bit and #2MT 3/8 inch collet are included

The Champ features an articulating beam that allows you to swing the part away from the cutter, check the fit of mating threads, and then return to its setup position for a thread depth adjustment in seconds.

Wobble at the end of a long part is easily eliminated. With its widely-spaced spindle mounts that feature the ability to squeeze down on the spindle, wobble is eliminated. There are four jack screws that can be used to zero in the concentricity of the thread area.

The Champ has a handle that doubles as a mechanical depth stop. No worries about bottoming the cutter in the hole, and the handle makes threading a breeze.

The Champ includes a post to mount in either the 1 inch or 5/8 inch banjo receptacles, and also has two extra tapped holes in the base that can serve as mounting points on a beam of your design.