Darrell Dafoe Reports

I'll demonstrate the Flute Master and the Spiral Master Saturday morning, January 10. I've really enjoyed working with both pieces of equipment and I didn't come out of the starting gate making finished pieces. It does take some time and getting used to, the set-up and all the things that can go wrong. Our turning club is the Northwest Michigan Woodturners club. We meet once a month and usually have around 25-30 members attend each meeting.

Both the Flute Master and the Spiral Master have allowed me to explore new and different types of wood turning, an area I certainly didn't have the patience to go into after reading TECHNIQUES OF SPIRAL WORK by Stuart Mortimer. Please keep me on your list for information as your project continues to develop.

Besides a fantastic product, you also stand at the top of the list for customer service!

- Darrell Dafoe

  Ed - see some of Darrell's turnings in the Gallery