Index Wheel Offer For AAW Chapters


Iron Fire Index Wheels

A Special Offer to AAW Chapters

The Flute Master company is now the owner, manufacturer and distributor of the popular Iron Fire index wheels.

As an introductory offer AAW Chapters are offered a package of twelve index wheels for $225.00 (regular cost is $300.00). This makes the chapter cost for its members of $18.75 versus the regular cost of $25.00.


Iron Fire index wheels have been a market leader for many years.

Made of tough, long lasting Polypropylene (PP) polymer, they last a lifetime.

Made in lathe spindle sizes of 1 inch x 8, 1 1/4 inch x 8 and 33mm.
Index pins are included with each wheel.

To order, contact Flute Master (Dick Webber) at or call 405.840.3451.

This is an exclusive offer to AAW Chapters only, until July 30, 2016.