Lathe Bed Extension Table


If you are like me, I’m forever searching for a tool I just put down. To help solve the problem I made a table that is an extension of the lathe bed. When not needed it folds down out of the way.

I had a scrap piece of counter-top laminate and a piece of 3/4 plywood. The top is in two pieces - one narrow piece next to the lathe bed that is bolted to the apron of the lathe. The larger piece is hinged to the narrow part so it can be lowered.

I made mine 12 x 24 inches. The 1 3/4 inch narrow piece was cut after the whole top was laminated.

I found this is very helpful when hollowing and when cutting flutes. Fold it down out of the way for normal turning. The narrow piece fastened to the lathe apron does not interfere with using gouges or other lathe tools.

This is a big help when fluting large diameter pieces. The extra room allows the Flute Master and Spiral Master to move farther out than can be done when riding only on the lathe bed.

In the photo you can see magnets on the side of the lathe bed that also hold tools regularly used.

My shop is a mess, but the lathe area is well organized, thanks to this table and magnets. - Dick Webber