Share - Demonstrator and Reseller

If you represent a chain or single store retailer of lathe and woodworking tools, you may qualify to be a reseller of the Flute Master line of tools. 

Launching a new product by two unknown inventors is difficult. There are thousands of woodturners around the world who don’t see magazine ads or even get to see new tools in their woodturning clubs. To reach these John and Dick are turning to the ones who can best demonstrate the ease of use and quality of the product: woodturners just like themselves.

Turners are invited to demonstrate the Flute Master and Spiral Master to other turners, earning the same discount given to corporate resellers. The program is called, “Share.” Share the profit while sharing the knowledge with others.

If you would like to demonstrate these new tools with other turners, sign up for the Share program. All that’s needed is to own a set of the tools, be familiar with their use, and make contacts to demonstrate.

For more information contact Dick Webber at or call 405.840.3453.

Share - How it works:

  • Own a Flute Master and Spiral Master.
  • Learn the basics of the tools; how they are made and best practices.
  • Arrange to demonstrate one or all of the tools at meetings or woodturning forums.
  • Enthusiastically demonstrate the setup and use of one or both of the tools at meetings or woodturning forums and invite members and guests to try them out.

There are two Share options:

  • Purchase the tools to sell
  • Make sales to be shipped by Flute Master to the purchasers

If purchasing the tools to deliver to buyers at the time of the demo, there is no buyer shipping/insurance cost, and you receive the reseller’s discount of the regular sales price.

If having Flute Master shipped to the buyer by Flute Master, you receive the reseller’s discount of the sales price, less the shipping/insurance cost, and less 5% for handling. 

  • As a Share demonstrator you are not an employee of Flute Master. You are an independent reseller.
  • To become a Share demonstrator and reseller contact Flute Master at or call Dick Webber at 405.840.3453.