Story of the Flute Master

Flutes add beauty and eye-appeal to wood-turned objects. Many turners omit this desirable design element because they must be hand-cut with a gouge unless they are simple flutes on a straight line. Unless you are an experienced carver, flutes can be time-consuming and difficult to carve.

Flutes are most attractive when applied to turnings with curved profiles. Dick Webber, a turner with 40 years of experience, was making wine pourers patterned after 400 BC Greek vessels, and grew tired of cutting flutes by hand. He designed an innovative tool to cut flutes on both straight and curved profile turnings. The final design needs no guides and quickly cuts beautiful flutes of any length or profile. No special skills are needed to use the Flute Master.

First demonstrated at the Central Oklahoma Woodturners Association, the tool was purchased at the meeting by many of those in attendance. It is made in the U.S. by American craftsmen of quality steel with a powder-coated finish. It can be used on any size lathe from an 8 inch to 25 inch capacity.

Both beginner and professional turners will find this a valuable tool to enhance their work.