Tips For Fluting Bowls

When fluting bowls there are times when the base of the Flute Master is too long to flute the lower side of a bowl.

To solve the problem reverse the handle of the drill in the tool holder. This allows clearance for the router bit to cut flutes or reeds into the lower or bottom side of the bowl.

  1. Screw a faceplate into what will be the top of the bowl blank.
  2. Place the faceplate on the headstock of the lathe.
  3. Turn the shape of the bowl 
  4. Remove the handle of the drill from the Flute Master and insert into the opposite end of the tool holder.
  5. If a larger table-top platform is needed for the Flute Master to move, place a 5/8 or 3/4 piece of plywood over the top of the lathe bed or fasten an extension to the apron of the lathe bed. 
  6. Cut the flutes or reeds.
  7. Cut a recess in the bottom of the bowl so the chuck can hold the bowl in place for hollowing.

If using plywood over the lathe bed remember to adjust the height of the router bit to be centered on the lathe.  

Flute Masters delivered after October 1, 2014 are modified for reverse direction cutting, and to support the Spiral Master. Contact Dick Webber for instructions to modify the base of your Flute Master.